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USCA 2019: Ending the Epidemics In Their Memory

September 5-8, 2019
Marriott Marquis WDC

The 2019 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) is returning to Washington, DC on September 5-8 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. This year we will focus on the plan to end the HIV epidemic in America. It will be an opportunity for health departments, community-based organizations, People Living with HIV, People on PrEP, national organizations, health centers, health care providers, donors, activists, and federal leaders to come together to discuss implementation. 

Opioid Response Network


The Opioid Response Network, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, utilizes experienced prescribers and clinicians, including family physicians, in prevention, treatment, and recovery who are collaborating to facilitate access to evidence-based resources. All 50 states and 7 territories have a designated Opioid Response (STR-TA) team, led by a Regional Technology Transfer Specialist (TTS), who coordinates the implementation of evidence-based practices. Family physicians and other additional consultants are also available to meet the requester's specific needs. Anyone can request Technical Assistance! No special criteria or restrictions in place.

    National HIV Curriculum


    The National HIV Curriculum is a free educational web site from the AIDS Education & Training Center Program National Coordinating Resource Center and the University of Washington. 

    It is the goal of the National HIV Curriculum to provide ongoing, up-to-date information needed to meet the core competency knowledge for HIV prevention, screening, diagnosis, and ongoing treatment and care to healthcare providers in the United States.

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